Parents Can Bring Out Best in Children

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Parents must take full responsibility in elevating their children’s education.

Speaking during the Model Day Care Centre graduation ceremony in Lobatse, Bethel Day Care Centre manager, Ms Regina Ngoma emphasised the importance of parental involvement in children’s education as it can bring excellence out of the child.

She said upright partnership between parents, teachers and pupils served as the best application in enhancing learners abilities.

“These three parties need quality time together, in the absence of the teacher there should be a parent and vice versa,” she said. Ms Ngoma further encouraged parents to send their children to attend pre-school because learning becomes much easier at a tender age.

Those children who have not attended pre-schools find it difficult to catch up with others and they achieve very little, she said. She encouraged parents to be part of the learning system by offering guidance and support.

Ms Ngoma further said children should be trained holistically. “Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn away from it,” she said.

She noted that if the children are given the appropriate chance of learning they will become good leaders of tomorrow. Earlier in his welcome remarks, court president for Peleng, Kgosi Mpaetona Itumeleng applauded government for implementing reception classes in primary schools, saying they are commendable as they mould and prepare the children mentally before being enrolled for formal education.

Outlining the objectives of the ceremony, senior home economics officer, Ms Kutlo Mophalane said they include celebrating the achievement of participants, awarding of certificates and demonstrating that their hard work is recognised and valued.

The aim, she added was to raise awareness of transitional changes that the pupils go through such as meeting with different people from different environments. For her part, Constable Onkemetse Kwelagobe of Lobatse police aised parents to be careful when they leave their children with neighbours, saying that in some instances, sexual abuse and other offences could happen.

She also aised parents to educate children to report to their teachers if they are bullied by others at school and teach them good manners while still young.

The graduation ceremony was organised by Lobatse Town Council through the social amp community development department.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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