Parliament Approves Dailynews Motion

| February 20, 2014

Parliament, on February 14, approved a motion requesting government to take on board the DailyNews distribution and access to radio as part of affirmative action in order to broaden access to timely information to disadvantaged communities.

MPs agreed with the mover of the motion, Mr Dikgang Makgalemele, MP for Shoshong, saying people in some parts of the country where the DailyNews was not accessible failed to utilise government programmes.

Tabling the motion, MP Makgalemele said people in villages such as Mokgenene, Moralane and Poloka received the DailyNews late although it carried important information on government programmes, schools and available vacant posts.

He said the state of affairs had resulted with the marginalised people failing to gain employment or admission to schools as they failed to meet deadlines to submit their applications.

MP Makgalemele said it was on that background that he sought Parliament to assist in coming up with a programme that would enable people in remote areas to access timely information.

He said distribution of the DailyNews should not only be the prerogative of the government but public transport operators should be roped in as part of corporate social responsibility.

Debating the motion, South East South MP, Mr Odirile Motlhale said government’s programmes were announced on radio and the DailyNews hence some people lost out due to lack of information.

He said it was not only remote areas that received the DailyNews late because even in places such as Otse and Mogobane, they received it after two days. That, he said, failed to promote equal opportunities as the playing field was not level.

MP Motlhale said the Vision 2016 pillar of building an informed and educated nation would fail unless people had access to timely information.

Tswapong North MP, Mr Prince Maele said he supported the motion although he could not understand how it could be done as an affirmative action. He said access to information was a fundamental right, adding that they should be asking how they would make the services accessible.

MP Maele said information led to social inclusion as people were equipped to engage in national debates and also encouraged greater citizen participation.

Boteti North MP, Mr Slumber Tsogwane said he supported the motion and that he had always been concerned about remote area dwellers particularly because they were not easily accessible due to poor roads.

Also supporting the motion, MP John Toto of Kgalagadi South, said government could be losing money unnecessarily as the DailyNews was printed but not delivered to the intended places.

He further said some people could not understand Setswana or English hence other languages should be introduced. ENDS

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