Parliament approves supplementary estimates

| January 22, 2016

Parliament has approved the supplementary estimates of expenditure from the consolidated and development funds contained in Financial Paper No. 2 of 2015/16.

The estimates were prepared pursuant to the authority conferred upon the minister responsible for finance by Section 119 (3) of the Constitution and the requirements of the Presidential Directive CAB.1/99, which provided guidance for assessing requests for supplementary estimates.

The Financial Paper No.2 of 2015/16 contained supplementary estimates of expenditure from the consolidated fund amounting to P24 259 600 and estimates from the development fund for a sum of P1 338 920 000.

Presenting the paper before Parliament, Minister of Finance and Development Planning, Mr Kenneth Matambo said Parliament and the Administration of Justice had submitted supplementary requests amounting to a total sum of P24 259 600 to be funded from the consolidated fund.

He said Parliament required an additional amount of P2 546 460 to augment the original provision under the basic salary account.

“This follows the adjustment of salaries and allowances for Members of Parliament, including the Speaker and the Deputy Speaker, which effected from April 1” he said.

Mr Matambo also said the Administration of Justice required supplementary funding amounting to P21 713 140 and in this amount, P10 631 870 was for the allowances account to cater for additional requirements for normal scarce skill allowances, housing and up-keep allowances and scarce skills allowances arrears for personnel with AAT and DABS.

There was also the P5 060 460 to shortfall in the service charges account due to increased consumption of water and electricity as increases in the cost of private security, cleaning and gardening services occurred.

An amount of P4 245 190 was to cover shortfall in postal charges account caused by higher than anticipated telephone bills for all stations of the Administration of Justice. The minister said the increase in telephone charges was attributed to the opening of new courts in Shakawe and Nata and increase in telephone bills claims by all the 29 judges.

He said judges were now entitled to claim 90 per cent of their bills for information and communication services, including Internet services, while the dispensation became effective in April 1.

There is also the P1 775 620 required under the overtime allowances account to cover overtime allowances, which are in respect of Judges’ drivers, court reporters and bench clerks, whom during urgent court application matters, have to work with the Judges and go beyond normal working hours. Requests under the development fund are with respect to four ongoing projects, which are secondary schools, water planning and development, Botswana Power Corporation (BPC) finances, and retooling of technology research institutions.

The submissions require an increase in the annual budget of P1 338 920 000 and a Total Estimated Cost (TEC) increase of P2 345 549 622.

Minister Matambo said the Ministry of Education and Skills Development requested a sum of P138 million to purchase furniture and laboratory equipment for Tsabong and Mahupu unified secondary schools in Tsabong and Takatokwane respectively, as well as a junior secondary school in Maun.

Furthermore, he noted that as part of the Economic Stimulus Programme, an amount of P187 560 000 was required to kick start some of the deferred secondary school expansion, staff houses and maintenance projects. 

Government through Presidential Directive Cab 4(B)/2015, authorised injection of additional cash into BPC for the 2014/15 financial year. The Directive approved the issuance of a Special Warrant amounting to P826 800 000 towards BPC’s immediate financial obligations.


“Against this background, the 2014/15 annual budget and TEC of the BPC finances programme were both increased by P826 800 000. BOTA

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