Partnership Answer to Positive Results

Kgosi Motsamai Kgosi of Kutamogoree in the Tutume Sub-district has urged parents to be hands on and support their children to ensure good performance at school.

In an interview with BOPA recently, Kgosi Kgosi said it was important for parents to play a significant role towards the academic performance of their children.

He said parents should work cooperatively with the school management to bring about desired results the school yearns for.

He said government had seen the importance of the partnership, hence the inception of Adopt-a- School initiative’ to build a good relationship between the school and the community.

“Parents should be role models to their children and give them love, as this will help them to be stable and remain focused,’ he said.

Kgosi Kgosi encouraged parents to visit schools as a way to motivate both children and teachers.

He highlighted that the prevailing partnership between parents and teachers brought about positive results as the primary school managed to register a higher pass rate.

He asked parents to continue with the same spirit to encourage and support their children’s academic needs so that the school could continue to excel.

“They ought to be involved all the way and come up with innovative strategies that can help the school achieve its goals,” he said.

Teachers alone, he said cannot be expected to shoulder the educational needs of learners hence the need for parents to show their capabilities and contribute to the good academic performance and curb teenage delinquency.

Furthermore, he said the school staff should also be willing to work with parents and welcome new ideas from the community.

He encouraged students who did not perform well to register with the back to school programme. He also encouraged parents who have enrolled with non-formal education to continue with their studies.

Source : BOPA