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Passion Leads Sentsimako to Success

Passion leads to success and as long as you do what you love and love what you do, success as they say, is inevitable.

This has been realised by one Victor Sentsimako, a 40-year-old Lentsweletau born and Thamaga based school teacher who has a stinging passion for the film industry.

Sentsimako operates a small company called Faith and Actions Films which specialises in video shooting, video productions, script writing and other media related programs.

Self-taught in the field of films and camera operations, he started his business in 2010 operating from his house with only one small camera that he used to shoot videos at wedding ceremonies and church conferences.

“Passion is the major factor that drove me into this industry and I am hopeful that one day I will grow and operate at a bigger space. It took time for me to get the trade license which has hindered my progress” he said.

He said the delay in acquiring the trade licence was a constraint in that he could not open an office or market himself.

“I only got the license this year in July and this is a green light for me to expand my business and even create employment for the youth” he said. He said the intention is to employ about 27 people to work in various fields as camera operators and video editors.

He explained that he has done a lot of video shooting at wedding ceremonies and this has helped him in terms of growth as his clients are able to refer potential customers to him.

He applauded Thamaga residents and his clientele for their support.

Even though Sentsimako is a teacher, he said every day after work he goes to his studio to work. He said he is driven by passion to manage his time and deliver efficiently and that his pastime engagement does not interfere with his formal job. He said he makes use of his time on weekends to work at his studio.

As an encouragement, he urged people to follow their passion saying this can help one lead fulfilled life and while one also enjoys the income. “There is nothing as miserable as being stuck in a job that you do not enjoy,” he advised.

He said the aim is to grow the film industry in Botswana adding that he would love to have his own Christian Television Channel where he will broadcasting dramas that can teach the youth upright morals .