Peace Corp Admires Batswana’s Botho

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Batswana have been praised for their kindness and love, more especially the cultural spirit of greeting one another.

Speaking in an interview, the United States (US) Peace Corps volunteer in Gumare, Mr Jonathan Czarny (36) said he was amazed by the way people greeted each other, more especially by shaking hands and smiling, which he said showed the spirit of peace.

He said the cultural saying of Dumela rra and O tsogile jang rra? gave him a sense of being cared for and a sense of belonging to a global village.

The peace corp said when he first came here this year, he thought he would not make friends since he was about 13 000 kilometres away from home, but surprisingly he was welcomed by many.

He said he had realised that every person who came across him greeted him unlike in the United States. “People mind their own business there, they do not greet people but just pass without even saying hello,” he said as he shook his head.

Mr Czarny said people had shown him love he now felt at home and also had a Setswana name, Tshepo Motshegwa, which he said was given to him by the Motshegwa family in Serowe who first welcomed him when he arrived in Botswana.

Mr Czarny said he had found that greeting people was important as it developed a bond between people, which came along with cooperation. Apart from kindness of the people, he said he had found out that if there is something broken, the people fix it rather than throwing it away as people do in his country.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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