Pilikwe, Maape Face Acute Water Shortage

President Lt Gen. Seretse Khama Ian Khama says the acute water shortage in Pilikwe and Maape is a cause for concern.

He said there was a lot of underground water in the area, hence the need to find a permanent solution to the problem. The government would have given up if there was no rain or underground water, he added.

President Khama was responding to concerns raised by residents at a kgotla meeting in Maape on Thursday (July 23).

President Khama said it was the government’s responsibility to avail water to residents by maintaining water pipes and engines, adding that it was disheartening to find residents going for days without water.

He said alternative solutions should be provided during engine breakdowns because water was a source of life.

President Khama also promised residents that the Minister of Minerals, Energy and Water Resources, Mr Kitso Mokaila would visit them in two weeks to investigate the water shortage problem.

He said Minister Mokaila was currently engaged in other official duties outside the country, and that upon his arrival he would come to their village to attend to the issue. He added that he would also ask Minister Mokaila to find a permanent solution to the water shortage problem.

Earlier, residents had complained of acute water shortage in their village. One resident of Maape, Ms Moinami Keobonye said they sometimes go for a week without water.

She said Water Utilities Corporation (WUC) officials have worsened the situation by closing some standpipes, a move which had resulted in residents fetching water far.

Ms Keobonye said they hire donkey carts to fetch water for them and pleaded with WUC to open the closed standpipes.

Kgosi Matshwenyego Rantsiapana of Maape expressed delight that President Khama visited their village, saying Maape was a big village and residents were hungry for developments.

Kgosi Rantsiapana also thanked the government for upgrading his kgotla to that of records, and requested for the posting of a clerk and a police officer to the kgotla.

He said it was hard to carry out his duties without a court clerk.

On other issues, Kgosi Rantsiapana appealed to the government to consider upgrading electricity at Maape because the available one was not up to standard.

Source : BOPA