Plant drought resistant crops – Ralotsia

The Minister of Agriculture, Mr Patrick Ralotsia, has advised farmers to consider planting drought resistant crops. Addressing a kgotla meeting at Kgomokasitwa in his Kanye North constituency, Mr Ralotsia advised farmers not to plant crops such as maize since they could not stand harsh weather conditions.

Due to anticipated poor rains, Mr Ralotsia said it was advisable for farmers to concentrate on planting sorghum and pearl millet as they can withstand the harsh weather conditions.

Mr Ralotsia called on farmers to take utilise crop production officers. He said it had been reported that the November, December, January season was going to experience the hottest weather ever in the past 34 years.

He said, as a result, water would continue to be scarce across the country, adding that it is not only in Botswana where people are experiencing water scarcity, but through out the region. He said it was important for residents to devise various water harvesting mechanisms in their homesteads whenever it rains.

He also highlighted that it was important for residents to come up with water conservation measures that will see them being able to keep harvested water for quite sometime.

The minister also informed residents that government had taken a decision that animal feed and medication be relocated from the Livestock Advisory Center(LAC) to be dispensed by the Botswana Agricultural Marketing Board (BAMB). He said he was hopeful that the despensing of livestock medication by BAMB will be more effective and faster than when it was done by LAC.

Earlier on, the Village Development Committee Chairperson Mr Ephraim Mpolokang had applauded the Integrated Support Programme for Arable Agricultural Development (ISPAAD) program, and all other Agriculture programms,saying they are administered well, thriving and bearing fruits for villagers.

He however lamented water shortage in the village and requested the minister and area MP to consider constructing a dam so as to store water for the villagers.

Mr Mpolokang also decried the poor condition of the road that connects Kgomokasitwa to the Lobatse – Kanye road at Molapowabojang, saying it was hampering developments especially for local businesses.

He also requested for the extension of the local clinic as it was currently incapacitated with personnel and was congested.

In his vote of thanks, area Councillor Mr Sonny Phiri decried lack of developments in the village, saying it was high time the village was given attention with regard to infrastructure development.