Police, Security Officers Cooperation Crucial

| January 27, 2015

There is need for cooperation between the police and different security officers to address the increasing crime rate in Tutume.

Station commander of Tutume Police Station, Superintendent Jerry Halahala said this in a meeting with different heads of organisations that have security officers at their work places.

Supt Halahala decried lack of cooperation between the police and the security officers, noting that the purpose of the meeting was to discuss ways in which they can establish a good relationship in order to fight crime.

He said that companies must work hand in hand with the police when they hire security officers to avoid situations such as fake robberies and security officers sleeping while on duty. He also explained that in Tutume they have experienced cases where security officers fake robberies.

He explained that some security officer tend to leave their work place at night and come back in the morning, which gives thieves the opportunity to steal.

Supt Halahala stated that government has lost a lot of property due to the fact that most security officers are not properly orientated.

He explained that for one to be a custodian of government property, they need to have discipline.

Supt Halahala also decried that security officers are often not told what is expected of them nor given appropriate kits, good contacts and access where it is due, which makes it difficult for them to do their work.

For her part, Assistant Superintendent, Sesetse Mashonja explained that there was a lot of crime in government departments such as schools and council offices, especially during holidays and she wondered how these happen as security officers are supposed to be at the premises at all times.

She also pointed out that people use fake names when registering at the gates of different organisations and urged security officers to ensure that this does not happen.

Mr Moshe Gaolaolwe of Bravo Security admitted that they face some challenges in their work. He said that some of the challenges included friendship between security officers and workers, which hinders them to do their job.

Also, he noted that there was lack of cooperation between security officers and workers during searches at the gate. In addition, he highlighted that other organisations do not have toilets, which means security officers have to leave the work place when they need to use a toilet.

Pandangala Junior School head, Ms Thandi Motlhagodi thanked the police for coming up with such a good initiative of encouraging cooperation in crime fighting.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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