Police Volunteers Programme On Going

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Parliament has been told that it is not true that the police volunteers programme has been discontinued in Francistown.

Answering a question in Parliament from Francistown South MP, the Honourable Wynter Mmolotsi, Minister of Defence, Justice and Security, the Honourable Dikgakgamatso Seretse said urban areas such as Francistown South attracted low take up o…f around 37% or 65 out of the 175 slots allocated.

He said prospective participants cited low remuneration as a reason for the low figures and the funds were therefore re-allocated for use in other areas.

“Our statistics for the past three years show a significant average decline on selected and targeted crimes. I must however say if the MP has observed any increase it may be in the period not yet reported and this could well be lower at reporting time,” Mr Seretse said.

He said shortage of manpower affected the entire Botswana Police Service establishment.

MP Mmolotsi had asked the minister why police volunteers have been discontinued and if he is aware that crime has once again increased in Francistown due to shortage of manpower. (BOPA)

Source : Government of Botswana

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