Police wallop Tanians

Police VI men’s volleyball team continued in its winning streak and aspiration to win the Mascom Volleyball league by walloping the Serowe based Tanian team 3 – 0 in a league game played in Lobatse.

Police VI who are the current log leaders had an easy walk on the Serowe- based lads as they had easy spikes and attacks which ended in more points for Police in each and every set that was played.

Police VI men seemed to intimidate the Tanian team with their strong built and tall figure that stood high to even easily reach the top of the net to present strong spikes to the opponents.

They easily attacked the Tanians who were rather shorter and hardly reached the top of the net to create any attacks to the strong willed Police VI men who showed to have hunger to go all the way to win the game.

Police VI team however relaxed a bit in the second set which saw Tanians moving all the way to have 20 points but got stuck there until they were overtaken by Police who won the set on a 25 – 20 point scale.

The third set however saw Police coming back strongly to finish the set on a 25 – 10 margin, assuring a 3 – 0 win over the Tanians.

The Tanians seemed to be struggling not only with the play in the field but even in numbers. With Police VI having had 6 players on field and 6 others on the bench for substitute, the Tanians only played all the three sets with only 6 players with no substitution.

In an interview after the game, Police VI coach Shimaka Ngwanaotsile said he was happy with the ooutcome of the game as his boys played well according to the game plan that he had.

“Though we are the log leaders and Taninas are the list on the log, we took the game very seriously and brought all the players on board, as we know that the underdogs can sometimes pull a surprise and beat log leaders,” he said.

He said they played the game with all the seriousness and effort it deserved and had to win it to continue in their winning streak.

He said, in its preparation for the game, the team worked hard on its blocks, reception, service and defense with the intention to win the game with a big margin.

He hoewever said the second set came as a little bit difficult for the boys who lost concentration on their defense and had Tanians scoring more points.

He said he was however happy that the team ended up winning that second set.

Ngwanaotsile said their aim is to win the league. Left with only one game where they will play Kutlwano on November 22, he said they now go into serious training to ensure that they win that game as it is important for them as it will be the deciding game of league winners.

For his part, Tanians player coach Sam Keobotse said his team was faced with a lot of challenges that saw its performance dwindling throughout the league.

Keobotse said his team was mostly using students from various schools around Serowe and could not engage them in the last games of the leagues as they were preparing to write their final examination.

He said his team was also at a disadvantage as players who gain experience are largely being poached by Gaborone -based teams. He cited that his team had so far lost three players to the Gaborone -based teams ever since the current league started.

Keobotse also decried lack of sponsorship, adding that the team does not have enough money to sustain itself.

He said they only survive through the P11 000 position money which they got from last season’s awards to play in the current league.

He was however hopeful that his team will perform better in the coming league as they intend to go deep into also recruiting experienced players who could in a way improve the team’s performance.