Premier League Joins Digital World

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The world has moved towards high levels of technological development during the information age and the Botswana Premier League (BPL) is not immune to such developments.

The BPL chief executive officer (CEO), Bennett Mamelodi said this at the launch of the premier league website in Gaborone recently. “The era of new information is upon us and is unavoidable, we have to be a part,” Mamelodi said as the new cutting edge website was unveiled.

Known as the Diving Mamelodi during his illustrious career as a goalkeeper for Mochudi Centre Chiefs, the premier league CEO said they were careful not to dive into any arrangement without proper planning.

“After ascertaining the need for a website, we mulled over it, it took time. We then entered into negotiations with Gavin Barker of (South African sports media company) Backpage about setting up a quality website that would get people glued, getting information about the league,” he said.

Mamelodi said the site would give clubs a much-needed platform to increase their exposure and the media access to relevant information about the league, and would also be of benefit for those who sought to research.

On the other hand, Barker said they had assembled a dedicated team of local media journalists to provide news stories and photographs for the side, and that they hoped to have the site updated regularly and daily. “We will have the league table updated as it changes with each game, and there will also be statistics and player profiles in the site,” Barker said.

He said they were presenting the first phase of what was a “very interactive” site and at the end of the season phase two would be implemented with improved features.

Thus, Barker implored the local media not to view the website as a competing medium, but rather as a partner and a new source of information about the league.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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