President salutes public officers

President Lt. Gen. Seretse Khama Ian Khama has commended institutions and individuals who have devoted their time and resources to assist others.

“I wish to pay special tribute to the public officers across government who since 2010 have been leading by example through their monthly participation in Community Service Day activities that continue to benefit literally thousands of their fellow citizens,” President Khama said in his State-of-the Nation Address, Monday.

He said over 200 projects undertaken in the past year included construction and refurbishment of homes and other buildings, upgrading of recreational areas, donations to deserving organisations and direct support to families in need.

“I wish to pay special tribute to dikgosi tsa rona, who remain the custodians of our customs and traditions. It is largely through them that we have maintained the inclusive culture of consultation in our development programmes and policy direction. They thus deserve our respect and gratitude for continuing to play a key role in our democracy,” he added.

Nevertheless, President Khama appealed to Batswana to become part of government’s common journey to an even better Botswana.

He noted that government interventions would only succeed if they were understood as national projects to be embraced by all Batswana.

Further, he noted that while government had a responsibility to drive key programmes such as ESP, EDD, poverty eradication and youth empowerment, their objectives in each case was ultimately about empowering citizens in the private and parastatal sectors along with other non-government stakeholders, to grasp resulting opportunities for job creation and inclusive economic diversification for sustained development to take Botswana forward.

“As we prepare to enter our sixth decade, we can either become more productive by working together to reach our goals, or we can allow individual interests and potentially debilitating divisions to rob us of further progress,” he said.

He added that the nation can only achieve its full potential by working together, saying “As I have said before, we only have one country. Let us all try to be the solution to the problem rather than part of the problem.”