Programme to benefit 600 women

| September 8, 2015

About 600 unemployed and unskilled women are expected to benefit from an empowerment programme to be implemented by the House of Hope trust.

Speaking during the women empowerment programme meeting in Palapye recently, the project coordinator for House of Hope, Mr Laone Van Vuuren, said the objective was to improve the socio-economic outlook of women in Palapye and to increase commitment to academics and academic performance of female students in Palapye.

He said the action was expected to contribute to the overall and specific objectives of the project by producing results in two key areas among target groups.

Figures, he said, showed that in Palapye Sub-district, women comprised more than 70 per cent of total registered as destitute people.

“Women head 46 per cent of all households, including 53 to 57 per cent of poverty-level households, they have the highest unemployment rate at twenty-four per cent and they were the most disadvantaged in terms of access to and use of economic resources” he said.

The project was funded by the Empowerment of Non-State Actors (ENSA) programme through the European Union. The project comprises of three-pronged approaches which are; mentorship, apprenticeship or skills sharing and business skills development. The project is designed as two nine months cycles occurring over a span of eighteen months.

Each cycle would launch with a trade fair open to all women of Palapye, as a means of introducing the subsequent activities to the target groups and to gather names and details of women not previously identified as interested participants.

The first activity will consist of a six month program of business courses offered, at no cost, to interested women who either currently own or manage a local business or equipped to begin a business.

Para-statal organisations such as Gender Affairs Department (GeAD), Local enterprise Authority (LEA), and Citizen Entrepreneurial Development Agency (CEDA), which operate under the mandate of developing business knowledge among local citizens, will be engaged to provide the classes, which would be designed to educate participants on the resources and practices required to successful businesses from conception to long term sustainability.

The second activity would be a six month apprenticeship or skill-training programme for those who were interested in learning income generating craft trades.

The third one will consist of a six month mentorship program. Female professionals, including doctors, nurses and professors would be engaged to participate as mentors to local female students.

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