Rail Giants On Song

| January 27, 2015

The BOFINet Botswana Softball Association (BSA) Northern league 20142015 continued this weekend in Serowe with teams battling it out for the P100 000 prize.

The Mahalapye based softball outfit, Rail Giants, had a thrilling weekend as they hammered every team that threatened to stand in the way.

Since it was their first games this season, as they did not get a chance to play in the first leg of the league because several of their players were injured, the Mahalapye based outfits sailed through to the top.

Both the ladies and the men teams walloped everything that came their way, first the men in a rather give or take game between them and the hosts Raptures they beat them 9-6.

However, Raptures did their best but were beaten at the last minute when Rail Giants men scored three goals ahead of them breaking the tie which at second inning was six points each. As if that was not enough, the Rail Giants men hammered the log leaders Orapa outfits Carats 7-2 and Rebels 12-1.

As if that was not enough, Rail Giants ladies also did what their male counterparts did by thrashed any team that threatened to stand in their way. They also hammered Raptures 12-3, and Carats 15-3.

One could note that despite their performance, both Rail Giants teams’ mood iwas boosted by the nice blue and white kit they wore. The team so far is the best dressed in the Northern Zone and this seems to give them a moral boost.

In an interview, Rail Giants coach Batsile Mokenti said that it was a very good weekend for his teams as they really wanted to stay on top as they came from behind on the log.

Mokenti said they want end to fight till the end despite starting late in the league.

However, he said his teams might have played very well but they had a very big challenge as most of his players stayed outside Mahalapye, thus making it difficult to practice as a team.

The league continues next weekend in Mahalapye.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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