Rape cases high in Kweneng District

Residents of areas in the Kweneng District have been urged to join hands with the police officers to fight the escalating rape cases.

Speaking during an interview recently, Senior Superintendent Kevin Mookodi said generally they encountered up to 180 rape cases annually in the Kweneng District only.

He reckoned that this statistic might as well be 180 people murdered because in most cases laboratory reports from the hospital showed allegations of rape before murder.

He further stated that Molepolole had been highly affected adding that out of 101 rape cases reported in the district since January to September this year, 44 cases were in Molepolole only.

He mentioned that Lekgwapheng ward carried a high number of rape cases.

Snr Supt Mookodi explained that they had realised that this offence was normally committed under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

He said therefore, parents should start playing their role of guiding their children, adding that charity has to begin at home.

He further advised parents to desist from giving their children pocket money for school as it influences them to buy drugs.

He also stated that shebeens also created an environment for rape adding that it was imperative for business people to observe business hours as well as take responsibility by refusing to sell more if an individual was too drunk.

He said most of the victims were youths as well as under aged children who still attended secondary schools.

He mentioned that because of lack of guidance from parents, students continue to drink with alcohol hence the negative outcome of getting assaulted sexually after they get drunk.

Senior Superintendent further revealed that it was a shame as students habitually gather in large numbers at bars at night and become susceptible to being sexually assaulted afterwards.

He said parents should guard against such and make sure that they know the whereabouts of their children.

He further explained that discussing life skills with their children was a better way of moulding children into open and responsible future generation.

On her part, Veronica Sehularo from Scottish Livingstone said alcohol was a major factor that contributes to sexual assault adding that this was common with date rape drugs.

She said alcohol increases someone’s vulnerability to sexual assault adding that 70% of women and 80% of men had been drinking when sexual assault occurred.

He advised people not to accept open drinks and not to leave their drinks unattended as date drug are colorless, odorless and tasteless.