Reatile Plans Business Forum for District

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Southern District Council chairperson, Mr Mephato Reatile says he intends making citizen economic empowerment the hallmark of his administration.

Mr Reatile said he had made an undertaking to establish a Southern District business economic forum whose mandate would be to pull together various stakeholders in order to address trade and commerce issues as well as to identify and exploit available economic opportunities in the district.

Addressing a council meeting on Monday (December 15), Mr Reatile said once citizens were empowered economically, the triggle down effect would provide answers to many challenges faced by the community.

“Challenges such as unemployment are addressed as businesses thrive the quality of life is improved, people’s confidence is stepped up, leading to generation of new thoughts and ideas that can be explored to keep generating economic value for the district,” he said.

He said the policy recognises that the national development strategy could not succeed when Batswana were not fully participating in the building of their own economy. Mr Reatile said the country’s leadership should not be apologetic about empowering Batswana.

“As the Southern District Council, we must endeavour to make concerted efforts to ensure that this worthy legislation is implemented and given full expression through procurement processes that place Batswana, especially young entrepreneurs and SMMEs in general, at the forefront of economic activity.”

The council chairperson urged council employees and politicians to be bold enough to make the empowerment drive a reality.

Mr Reatile said his sentiments on citizen economic empowerment should not be misconstrued to mean he was not supportive or prohibiting bidding for projects by non-citizens.

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Source : Botswana Daily News

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