Recruitment Processes Vary Significantly


Though Botswana is a member to a number of international organisations, the recruitment processes employed by those organisations vary significantly, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation has said.

Answering a question in Parliament, Dr Pelonomi Venson- Moitoi stated that ordinarily, job opportunities in those organisations were filled on competitive basis and based on qualifications and merit.

Dr Venson-Moitoi said the only exception was the African Union (AU) and SADC which employed the quota system for certain positions.

She explained that the SADC secretariat employed a quota points system to recruit staff for any regional positions to ensure fairness for all 15 member states.

Each member state including Botswana, she said, had been allocated 120 quota points adding that as of March 1, 2015 Botswana utilised 85 of its allocated quota points, translating to eight regional positions.

She stated that all the eight positions had been filled by Batswana and were tenable in Gaborone with the recruitment process having already started to utilise the remaining balance of 35 quota points.

The minister highlighted that Botswana as the host country, enjoys the dispensation to provide support and clerical staff which currently stands at 59 local positions.

She said with respect to the AU which also employs the quota system Botswana had a quota of 10 slots for regular staff and the country had utilised eight.

However, she said she was unable to state when the remaining slots would be filled since the vacant posts were filled as and when the AU commission had directed so.

Dr Venson-Moitoi stated that Batswana were allowed to compete on an equal and unlimited level for short term employment opportunities within the AU.

MP for Tati East, Mr Biggie Butale had asked the minister to state how many job posts had been allocated to Botswana in the various international organisations where Botswana was a member.

Mr Butale also asked where those posts were tenable and how many posts had been taken up by Botswana. He further wanted to know when the posts that had not been taken up would be filled with Botswana nationals.