Rehoboth Preps for the Spin Invasion 2 – Namibia v Botswana

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The story goes back to the South African townships of the 1990s, when a gangster died, his friends would steal a car and spin it at his funeral. Afterwards they would set it alight as a sign of respect.

From that infamous past, the sport of spinning has since become one of the fastest growing spectator sports in Southern Africa, with events drawing thousands of eager fans.

Peter Opali or ‘Most Wanted’ as he is known to spin fans shares his thoughts on the sports popularity.

“It’s the people’s motorsport, so the crowds love it and the energy they bring makes it all worthwhile for the drivers. If you thought the first Rehoboth Spin Invasion was crazy, you can’t imagine how big this one will be.”

This will be all too evident if you find yourself at ‘Die Kraal’ in Rehoboth on Saturday, when the best spinners in Namibia will take on Botswana’s best in a battle as epic as the Kalahari which separates the two countries.

With this surge in popularity, one can be certain that Rehoboth will be buzzing on Saturday as the performers will start the day off with a parade through town. The show kicks off on a high note around 12h00, when the stunt drivers will be introduced to the crowd.

“People better make sure to get there early, because we’re not saving the highlights for the end. The intro will have people talking for weeks,” said an excited Ferdi Coetzee of Extreme Entertainment and Events. The organisers of the show.

“We learnt a lot from the first spin event at Die Kraal earlier this year. Now we’re better prepared for the huge turnout we’re expecting. We’ve cleared more space for parking, hired more security and support staff. We’ve even fixed the seating and moved the stands to behind the fences, so that everybody has a clear view of the spinning pitch. Nobody other than drivers, mechanics and VIPs will be allowed into the pit area.”

The line-up of Namibian spinners is a who’s who of the best stunt drivers the country has to offer. Assembled from all corners of the country, they bring a mix of styles and skills that will guarantee an action packed day.

“My money is on the Namibians, the guys have been working really hard and using every chance they get to practice, so the visitors better come prepared,” said Coetzee.

The stunt drivers from Botswana are some of the best in the business. The General, a crowd favorite amongst the Namibians, is known for his insane stunts and unbelievable car control. The Sheriff is no slouch himself and is known to bring his A-game to every event.

The Rehoboth Spin Invasion 2 will take place at Die Kraal just outside Rehoboth. Tickets cost N$50 for adults and N$20 for children and will be available at the gate.

The action starts at 12h00 so make sure you get there early to get a good seat.

Source : The Namibian

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