Renovations of BDF Village Garrison On Going

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The process of maintenance and renovations of facilities for the Botswana Defence Force Village Garrison in Gaborone, Botswana Police Service (SSG Camp at Maruapula in Gaborone) and the Botswana Prison Service Village Camp in Gaborone are on-going.

This was said by the Minister of Defence, Justice and Security, Mr Shaw Kgathi, when responding to a question in parliament from Gaborone Central MP, Mr Phenyo Butale. Mr Kgathi said it was an exaggeration to describe the living conditions of the BPS, BDF and Prisons as deplorable.

However, he admitted that “the status of most facilities require extensive maintenance to be undertaken. This is so in view of the limited budget available for the construction of new units,” he added.

Presenting the maintenance works, department by department, Mr Kgathi said his ministry was committed to regular maintenance of police facilities, adding that maintenance works were commissioned at SSG as follows between the financial year 20122013 and 20132014, 120 units (flats) were maintained and renovated.

On November 17, 2014, he said his ministry in collaboration with the Department of Buildings and Engineering Services handed over a site for the renovation of four high cost houses eight medium cost houses and 12 servants’ quarters. This work, he said would take 18 weeks to complete.

Additionally, he said on November 20, 2014, there would be a site hand over for renovation of 138 houses and this work would take 36 weeks to complete.

Currently, Mr Kgathi said his ministry was carrying out scoping maintenance needs of barrack hotels and internal roads. The maintenance of these facilities, he said was planned to commence in the next financial year.

“In the same vein, my ministry completed the maintenance of Segoditshane Police housing near the Bull and Bush Restaurant,” he added.

At BPS Village Camp, he said maintenance works were commissioned as follows the old Type 4 and H3 houses were now being turned into two semi-detached two bedroomed houses with a fitted kitchen, ceramic flooring, rhino board ceiling and a geyser.

This project, he said started during the 20132014 financial year and to date 19 houses had been completed and occupied.

He said four more houses would be completed and occupied by the end of December 2014, whereas five more were due for completion before March 2015, adding that the project would continue until all old housing units had been renovated.

Other efforts to improve the accommodation situations, Mr Kgathi said were as follows in 2008, four blocks of six by three bedroomed flats were completed and occupied by 72 officers, in April 2014 two blocks of six by three bedroomed flats were completed and occupied by 36 officers.

Additionally, Mr Kgathi said ten three bedroomed housed were under construction and due for completion in April 2015 for ten officers’ families to ocupy. During the 20152016 financial year, he said two blocks of flats consisting of four bachelor pads shall be constructed to accommodate 24 officers.

Furthermore, Mr Kgathi said at BDF Village Garrison there were a total of 198 housing units for married staff and 198 single roomed Barrack block for un-married staff.

The breakdown of the said housing units and barrack blocks, he said was as follows in 19951996, eight new Type E houses were built, in 19962007, 120 old type five and four houses were demolished and 120 new Type E houses were built in their place and in 19962007 three new type B, five new Type C, one new 48 Man Barrack Block and one kitchen were built.

He also noted that, between 2007 and 2009, six new “100 Men Block”- each block having 25 self-contained rooms were built, for a total of 150 self-contained rooms, whilst in 20082009, 13 Type D and one Type B houses were built.

Presently, Mr Kgathi said no BDF garrisoned at Village Garrison “lives in tents or any substandard housing.”

However, he said the BDF had, as a policy, now phased out the 48 Man Barrack and the “100 Men Barrack” Blocks for the new design, 90 and 75 self-contained Man Barrack Blocks.

Mr Butale wanted to know whether Mr Kgathi was aware of the deplorable living conditions of offices at Botswana Prison Service Village, Botswana Defence Force Village and Botswana Police Service SSG, Maruapula and if there were any plans to remedy the situation.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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