Researchers critical development partners (Botswana Daily News)

| September 6, 2015

Botswana Institute for Technology Research and Innovation (BITRI) CEO, Professor Nelson Torto says researchers should be celebrated just like any other successful players in other sectors.

Speaking at Human resource Development Council workshop in Gaborone on Thursday, Professor Torto said it was high time Botswana awarded researchers who have excelled in the research field, which he said will encourage more players to come on board.

He said there is need for supportive infrastructure and fostering of trust and collaborations in research and innovation to bring about products. He stated that high quality education, funding, and networking to meet other international researchers are the key ingredients for research.

Professor Torto said there is need to harness Botswana’s resources and find new products and processes to increase the value of minerals. He challenged the private sector to sponsor their own employees to conduct research because government researchers are at the moment doing most research.

The director in the department of Research Science and Technology, Ms Lesego Motoma said research, science, technology and innovation are critical in the economy as they catalyze other sectors to achieve sustainable development. She stated that Botswana needs a knowledge driven economy and hence need for people with skills in order to achieve that.

Botswana is classified among scientifically lagging countries largely lacking capacity for scientific development with little or no investment in science, technology and innovation, she stated.

Ms Motoma said Botswana is endowed with indigenous which could benefit the country if tapped in to.

HRDC acting CEO, Dr Patrick Molutsi stated that the aim of the multiple sector workshops is to establish Human Resource Development (HRD) committees. He said the committees are to develop sector based HRD plans in a bid to align labour supply to labour market demand.

Dr Molutsi said workplace training should be encouraged for people to learn and grow and further invest in other at any level. He said Botswana cannot talk about knowledgeable society without critical mass of researchers, adding that Botswana will remain consumers and importers of products until there is sufficient research.

Let us pull our human and financial resources by investing in research which will advance this country to greater heights, he said.

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