Residents of Manxotae Decry Water Shortage

| January 27, 2015

Residents of Manxotae in NataGweta constituency have decried the serious water shortage which has forced them to risk their health by drinking water from the river.

They raised these concerns during a Kgotla meeting addressed by their Member of Parliament, Mr Polson Majaga on Friday, January 23. Explaining the situation, the Village Development Committee (VDC) chairperson, Ms Godumetsemang Kebobile said the situation has been so severe for over three months.

With this situation at hand, she said they are at the risk of contracting water borne diseases adding that at the clinic, tuberculosis patients who take their medication daily are forced to get water from the river.

She further asserted that the situation was also worsened by the fact that the water bowser which has been supplying water in their village tanks particularly at the clinic and school has since stopped due to maintenance.

Ms Kebobile further complained that even when they were receiving water it did not meet the demand in the village. She appealed to the Water Utilities Corporation to avail two trucks to supply them with water.

Furthermore, she pleaded for the electrification of the clinic noting that nurses assist patients in the dark at night.

She proposed that solar panels be installed before they could be connected to the grid.

Ms Kebobile nonetheless appreciated the poverty eradication programmes in their village, noting that most of the beneficiaries have received all the necessary equipment and a majority of them are flourishing.

Earlier on, Kgosi Pelotshweu Mokgadi requested that they be assisted with at least one vehicle which can cater for all the departments in the village.

He said that unlike in other villages where there is one vehicle serving them, residents of Manxotae only get to see a government vehicle when officers from Nata visit.

He also complained that their bridge was already showing structural defects before it could be handed over to the department of roads.Kgosi Mokgadi therefore urged the authorities to address the defects as soon as possible to avoid attending it later when it would be expensive.

Responding to concerns about the water crisis, the Waterworks foreman from Water Utilities Corporation, Mr Motlotlegi Moowen said since the opening of Nata Senior secondary school, water demand in the constituency doubled from the previous demand of 14 million cubic litres to 28 million cubic litres.

This growth, he noted, happened at a time when they were not ready to meet the changes.

Also, he highlighted that the area is served with water from Dukwi water fields, hence at times, demand surpasses supply. He therefore appealed to the residents to use water sparingly until the situation improves.

For his part, MP Majaga said he will aocate for the construction of the Mosetse dam which has been deferred since National Development Plan 9.

He, however, promised them that he will discuss the possibility of their village being supplied water by two water bowsers.

Concerning defects visible on the bridge, he said maintenance will have to be done before it is handed over and added that he will make inquiries on what has delayed the handing over.

He further noted that as per the affirmative action programme at least one department in Manxotae should have a vehicle.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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