Residents want live parliamentary debates

| September 21, 2015

Some residents of Moshupa have called on government to consider introducing live parliamentary debates on both Radio Botswana and Botswana Television. They said during a recent kgotla meeting addressed by the speaker of the National Assembly, Ms Gladys Kokorwe, that the development would enhance democracy.

One of the residents, Mr Simon Ramontsho, said although it was without reproach that Parliament had made great strides in its quest to be among the best in the world, there was still room to further enhance its image.

He said airing live parliamentary debates on radio and television should be a priority. His sentiments were shared by another resident, Mr Naledi Mothiba, who stated that watching live parliaments from other countries made him jealous.

“Let me also commend you for the manner in which the Botswana parliament has conducted its business over the years.

Unlike other parliaments, which are a shame, you have carried yourself with absolute integrity,” he said.

Another resident, Ms Dineo Keitseope, showered the legislature with praise for churning out laws and policies that impacted the lives of ordinary Batswana. For her part, the speaker assured residents that the live parliamentary broadcast issue was being discussed and that feedback on the matter would be given to the general public soon.

Ms Kokorwe had earlier on told residents about the importance of attending parliamentary sessions to appraise themselves about parliamentary business.

She said that it also presented voters with a platform to judge the performance of their representatives.

She said the role of the voter in the furtherance of democracy through an effective parliament should not be underestimated.

“Attend kgotla meetings and give them ideas on how best they can steer this country to greater heights,” she said.

Moshupa/Manyana MP and Vice President, Mr Mokgweetsi Masisi, told the speaker that his constituency, through the MP’s office, was doing all it could to uphold the integrity of the house. He thanked Ms Kokorwe and staff from the National Assembly for taking parliament to the people and teaching them the many functions of the house.

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