Rush to Church On Christmas Fades

| January 13, 2015

Going to church on Christmas day is a fading tradition. It is a fact. During the year, churches would be filled to capacity.

Research indicates that millions around the world go to church on Christmas Eve and stay home the next day, visit friends and family, party or attend social gatherings.

Botswana is not spared from this fading shadow of Christmas. Here, the city has experienced the swelling of ‘fire churches’ than before. Tents, trees and inhabitable structures made of card boxes and corrugated iron are common places of worship around the country.

In chase of deliverance, prosperity or blessings, masses would fill these worshipping places. Surprisingly, the scenario is different on Christmas Day. The rush to church fades and traditions persevere. One would conclude that for most Christians, Christmas is a day for family, not faith.

BOPA took a drive around the city and many churches were as empty as a bird’s nest in December. In the heart of the city (Main Mall) all came to a pause.

The sharp rays of the scorching sun were directly hitting the pavements. No colourful tents of the flea market, the parking marshals with their bright green bibs are nowhere to be seen, food outlets doors are chained except for one or two Chinese shops that are open.

Around the main mall, are churches and many are empty, save for one or two. Christ Cathedral’s Reverend Bishop Valentine Seane says there is no better place to celebrate the birth of Christ.

“We are grateful to join the whole world to celebrate the word of God as the bible gives us the understanding who the messiah is… ” he explained.

He said for many centuries, God was talking to his people through prophets, Moses and Abram and the world fell when Adam and Eve disobeyed God and since that day the world became unstable, a result of conflicts, hatred and wars.

Therefore, Reverend Bishop Seane explained the importance of honouring Christmas because Christ came to save people, to bring love, reconciliation, peace and thus the need to receive him with open hearts to make the world a better place.

“If you want to have fun you should come to Christ Cathedral Sunday School,” adds eight year-old Lindelwa Ndlovu. She said she came to church to celebrate the birth of Christ and show a play to appreciate her family’s support throughout the year.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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