Russell Cellular Selects Cellebrite Content Transfer to Offer Faster Service to More New Phone Customers


Single platform to support all phones and reduce complexity and service time at the point of sale

PARSIPPANY, NEW JERSEY–(Marketwired – Jun 1, 2016) –  Cellebrite, the leading provider of customer experience management solutions to ensure mobile lifecycle continuity, today announced a multi-year agreement with Russell Cellular to provide the Verizon Premium Retailer with the Cellebrite DeskTop platform, to quickly and securely transfer content directly between cellular devices without storing data externally or using store broadband and Wi-Fi resources.

The in-store platforms offer a single easy to use system that works with every combination of phone operating systems to eliminate potential errors and speed up transactions. This creates a smoother and more efficient experience for all customers, allowing them to “walk out working” faster. The Cellebrite DeskTop supports more than 7,000 models including smartphones and feature phones. Russell Cellular has already started rolling out the service to its more than 300 locations in twenty-five states.

“Our team needed a solution that enabled them to transfer customers’ content quickly in the background while they focused on the overall purchase experience and customer opportunities,” said Darin Wray, Vice President of Operations, at Russell Cellular. “Cellebrite’s DeskTop platform decreases overall service time across all customers and also provides support for our feature phone customers who value assisted transfers the most.”

The wired transfers virtually eliminate the chance of sensitive customer data being intercepted or hacked by never storing any data locally or in the cloud. This process also avoids the exposure of customer cloud passwords to store personnel-not to mention avoiding the time and effort to recover forgotten passwords.

Cellebrite’s Content Transfer allows Russell Cellular to expand beyond physically connected transfers at any time, as Cellebrite offers multiple deployment options-hardware, software, tablet-driven, and an on-device app. All of these options are pre-integrated to provide consistent, superior customer experiences with unprecedented flexibility in how the service is delivered. For example, Cellebrite DeskTop and Cellebrite Transfer App can be combined in a hybrid approach to content transfer to increase productivity by first transferring urgent content like phone contacts and apps over the wired connection, and then freeing the customer to transfer large volumes of photos and videos themselves with the app at their convenience.

“Industry-leading carriers and retailers demand flexible solutions that meet their customers’ needs without burdening operations. App-only strategies leave a great number of customers unserved and create logistical headaches for high volume stores,” said Jim Grady, CEO, Cellebrite Inc. “A single, integrated wired and wireless solution delivers the speed and flexibility retailers need to remain focused on efficient delivery of superior customer service.”

About Cellebrite
Cellebrite is a world leader in providing Operators, Retailers and Aftermarket Service (AMS) Providers, with advanced mobile lifecycle solutions to enhance the customer experience, improve satisfaction, reduce cost, and generate revenue. With delivery channels in-store, on-device, and over the web, mobile retailers can take advantage of Cellebrite’s full suite of mobile lifecycle solutions: diagnostics, phone-to-phone content transfer, backup, restore and wipe, automated phone buyback, and application and content delivery. In addition, Cellebrite offers retailers monitoring, statistics and analysis of all activities. Cellebrite’s global leadership is demonstrated through its deployment of over 150,000 units at more than 200 mobile operators and retailers globally, representing well over 100,000 stores and handling hundreds of millions of transactions per year.

Founded in 1999, Cellebrite is a subsidiary of the Sun Corporation, a publicly traded Japanese company (6736/JQ).

About Russell Cellular

Russell Cellular is a Verizon Wireless Premium Retailer, established in 1993, and is headquartered in Battlefield, Missouri. Russell Cellular has locations in Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Mississippi, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Ohio, Texas, Virginia and Wisconsin, employing over 1100 team members. For more information, please visit

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