Sankoyo Trounce Ecco City Greens

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Sankoyo Bush Bucks continued their battle to stay afloa in the premier league this season by trouncing Ecco City Greens 4-1 at the Maun Sports Complex Saturday afternoon (November 6).

Francistown-based Ecco City Greens became the second victim of a storm of goals after the Ngurungu Boys walloped the Ramotswa-based Letlapeng Football Club 6-2 a fort night ago at the same grounds.

Although Bush Bucks’s goal scoring bash was almost stopped by Nico United last week as Majombolo beat them 3-0 in Selebi Phikwe, it seemed on Saturday that the North Westerners had not been demoralised.

The hosts took the game with a high pace to the visitors right from the start, and, even though the boys had an upper hand, Ecco City Greens did not sit back and watch but also put up a spirited fight.

Both teams gave the supporters a marvelous match to watch but it was Sankoyo who got rewarded first in the 10th minute through Kafuko Mmoloki.

The two teams continued to create what appeared to be perfect chances of scoring but failing to convert into goals. Sankoyo went on to score its second goal in the 40th minute through their scoring maestro Morris Ruzivo, and on the 45th minute Ruzivo made it again raising the score tally to three.

After recess, Ecco City Greens got rewarded for their efforts when Olekantse Mambo scored in the 57th minute, and on the 65th minute, Ruzivo was at it again hitting the net to give his team a comfortable 4-1 lead.

Ruzivo, who for the most part of the game was a thorn on Ecco City Greens’ defence, sustained an injury and had to be substituted.

In an interview with Ecco City Greens head coach, Screamer Molapi, he said the game was open for both teams but it was unfortunate that his boys lost. He said the boys failed to hold the ball and the Ngurungu boys took chance to score more goals.

“We were not supposed to lose this game to Sankoyo more so that they have newly been promoted to the Premier League. My boys lost concentration at the back hence Sankoyo strikers gave them ahard time,” he added.

The Ngurungu head coach, Philani Mabhena said their win was a step in the right direction and he believed it would help them to achieve their objective. He said the boys were making a good progress and hoped they continued to improve their performances.

He also noted that they used a different system which was a corrective measure from their encounter with Nico United. Ngurungu Boys next encounter would be against BMC in Lobatse on Saturday (13122014). Mabhena was optimistic that they are going to increase their points.

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Source : Botswana Daily News

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