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| January 13, 2015

Residents of Shashe Mooke in the Tonota constituency have been cautioned against selling plots.

The area MP, Mr Thapelo Olopeng told resident during a kgotla meeting that while it is a good thing that the village is closer to Francistown and has a good road connecting it to the second city, they should be aware that plots in their village are in high demand and people from other areas will come in numbers to try and buy the plots from them.

He said the residents should not sell their plots because land is more important than money, noting that the Tonota Sub-Land Board has already raised a concern about the increasing numbers of land transfers.

Still on issues of land, MP Olopeng, who is also the Minister of Youth Sport and Culture, told the residents that the mushrooming of churches has increased the demand of land country wide.

He cited that the Ministry of Labour and Home Affairs registers about 1000 churches every month, something that prompted the ministry to call for the review of the Society’s Act.

On other issues, Mr Olopeng encouraged the youth to attend kgotla meetings in order to get information on the existing government programmes and to familiarise themselves with the kgotla system as they are future leaders.

Kgosi Batshogile Adam commended the residents for the good behaviour during the festive season.

He noted that he was optimistic that the bad publicity that the village attracted in previous instances will be a thing of the past.

Kgosi Adam also applauded Gerald Police for uniting with the community in ensuring safety and tranquility in the village during the holidays.

He said with the anticipated demarcation of plots by the Department of Town and Regional Planning (DTRP), there are chances of increased crime rates, therefore the police should start planning for a satellite office in the village.

The Village Development Committee (VDC) chairperson, Ms Kenalemang Nono thanked the government for improving peoples’ lives through programmes such as Integrated Support Programme for Arable Agriculture Development (ISPAAD), Livestock Management and Infrastructure Development (LIMID) and Ipelegeng.

She requested for the second primary school in the village to alleviate the congestion at the existing one.

Ms Nono said due to congestion at the school, some classes were taught outside under trees and called for the upgrading of the local health post to a clinic and the construction of a Type I kgotla office.

A resident, Ms Kedibonye Tlhakanelo complained about the signboard on the Shashe MookeFrancistown Road.

She explained that the board has been displayed as if Mandunyane is part of Shashe Mooke while in actual fact the area pointed by the arrow on the board is Stambole ward, which forms part of Shashe Mooke.

Ms Tlhakanelo also complained that the local combi operators charge extra fare to transport commuters to Stambole ward.

Mr Tebogo Morobe, who uses a wheelchair, complained that when there are a lot of commuters in the morning, combi operators refuse to allow him to board.

He noted that in several instances, he was not allowed to board in the early mornings but was allowed after 0900hrs, a thing that he said delayed him to honour his medical appointments on time.

Mr Linguini Dube commended the Ministry of Labour and Home Affairs for increasing the number of church members required for registering a church from 10 to 250. Mr Dube also accused foreign pastors for encouraging the mushrooming of churches.

The residents also appealed to their MP to invite the President to their village with some of them saying he has never visited them as he has done in other areas.

In response, Mr Olopeng said he will take up the issue of the President’s visit with his office.

Shashe Mooke Councillor retired Colonel Anderson Moalosi told the resident that he has already taken up the issue of the sign on the Shashe Mooke Francistown road with the Francistown City Council as it was responsible for the construction of the road.

Col. Moalosi, who is also the Tonota sub-district council chairperson, implored the residents to unite with the political leadership in order to develop their village.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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