SDA Hospital Not Distribution Point for Contraceptives – Official

Medical/Health Care

Kanye Seventh Day Aentist Hospital general manager has explained to Kanye Administration Authority (KAA) full council meeting that the facility is not a distribution point for contraceptives such as condoms as deemed by some members of the society.

Councillors had wanted the hospital management to clarify its position in as far as distribution of condoms was concerned.

Dr Bangwato Sikwa said being a district hospital, Kanye Seventh Day Aentist Hospital was more on the curative side than provision of primary health services such as distribution of condoms and other contraceptives.

She said such services had been moved to clinics and other facilities that dealt with family planning. “That does not mean we do not dispense, we do dispensary but our focus is mainly on married people,” she noted adding that the stance was in line with Seventh Aentist Church mission.

Dr Sikwa stated that the hospital subscribed to National AIDS Coordinating Agency (NACA) notion of abstinence, be faithful and condomise.

She stated the hospital had chosen to put its focus on the abstinence and be faithfull aspects of the HIVAIDS campaign. Councillor for Marapalalo ward, Mr Kabelo Lemme said although he appreciated the stance by the hospital on the issue, care has to be taken lest other sexually active segment of the society that is not married is left in the lurch.

For his part, Ntsweng West Councillor, Mr Mosekisi Rangobana said instead of pointing fingers at the operations of Kanye SDA hospital, Kanye populace should be thankful that the hospital has been with them through hard times.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News