Sehithwa Trust Calls for Harmonisation

| January 6, 2015

The chairperson of Lake Ngami Conversation Trust, Mr Frisco Gabokakangwe has called on fishermen bodies to create a harmonious environment with the trust in order to operate smoothly and maintain order at Lake Ngami.

He aised the two bodies being Lake Ngami Fishers Association and Fishers Multipurpose Society Limited to form one association which could speak with one voice and represent the interest of fishermen diligently.

Mr Gabokakangwe said in an interview that there was conflict of interest between the two bodies as they represent fishermen’s interests and at same time they both want to work with the trust.

“We want to work with one body and I have aised them to form one body which would speak with one voice because as the trust we want to form a corporative which would benefit both the trust and the community at large,” he added.

He said the two bodies were divided because of their differences, adding that currently, they have received a letter from Fishers Multipurpose Society Limited which has 38 members requesting the trust to renew their expired fishing licences for the next season.

In addition, the society requested the trust to allocate them a fishing camp site.

Mr Gabokakangwe urged fishermen to be cautious with the two bodies noting that no one would be allowed to fish at the lake without permission from the trust.

He said the trust intends to start operating this year and stated that they would also implement Lake Ngami Management Plan as soon as the fishing season starts which would address some of the key management challenges which have been difficult to deal with in the past.

Lake Ngami forms part of the Okavango Delta system and a result, due to its resources such as fish, a management plan was launched April last year with a view to preserve Lake Ngami, which has the potential to become a travel destination and target for eco-tourism projects and scientific study.

The plan accommodates different uses of agriculture, as well as leisure tourism and fishing, with expectations that the different users will be able to work harmoniously alongside each other without any conflicts.

The chairperson revealed that they delayed to implement the plan because of financial constraints. He appealed to the community at large to support the trust to operate smoothly for the benefit of their villages.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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