Seipone Inherits Throne

| January 5, 2015

The district commissioner for Kgalagadi, Mr Moemedi Letina has announced Ms Basadi Seipone as the new sub-chief of Kang, thus bringing to an end the long-heated chieftainship dispute between the Seipone and Motaung families.

The Kang throne became vacant in 2010 subsequent to the death of Kgosi Church Seipone, who had ruled Kang for 38 years.

Kgosi Morabeng Phori has been acting as the sub-chief of Kang since the demise of Kgosi Seipone.

Speaking at a kgotla meeting in Kang, Mr Letina said numerous consultative meetings were held by former Minister of Local Government and Rural Development, Mr Peter Seile with Kang residents regarding the chieftainship.

He urged the residents to accord their new kgosi the respect she deserves.

In her acceptance speech, Ms Seipone thanked the civil servants and Kang tribal leadership for their endurance and perseverance during awkward times of their chieftainship dispute.

She assured the residents that she would continue the legacy of her late father. Kgosi Seipone, who is the third daughter of the late kgosi Seipone, described her father as a visionary leader who had a passion for developing his village.

Meanwhile, the announcement of Ms Seipone as the rightful heir was received with mixed feelings as some residents continued to state their disappointment of her appointment.

Mr Gaboakangwe Motaung said he was against the appointment because it was against the wishes of morafe, insisting that proper consultation was not done.

Sharing the sentiments with Mr Motaung, Mr Silver Pego, who was also against the appointment, said the concerned parties in the matter were not properly consulted.

However, Mr Joseph Pego urged residents to forget the past as every war has an end and work peacefully with their new chief to develop Kang.

Mr Pego appealed to the headmen to mentor their new chief in all traditional aspects and preserve culture.

He said bogosi is an institution which is mandated to preserve culture. For his part, Member of Parliament for Kgalagadi North, Mr Itumeleng Moipisi assured residents to work with their newly appointed chief to bring developments to Kang.

He added that bogosi was vital to the development of the village, saying politicians could not develop villages without the input of bogosi.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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