Senior cabinet member’s son in rape scandal

The police and the Directorate of Public Prosecutions are accused of stalling a case that involves the son of a senior member of cabinet.The Midweek Sun can reveal that the matter was reported to Broadhurst Police on April 22, 2011.

Broadhurst Station commander, Supt. Bonosi Molapisi, confirmed the case in an interview yesterday.According to the woman whose names have been withheld, the Gaborone-based dentist raped her inside his car in front of her yard. She had just had a happy night with her friends at a popular eatery in Broadhurst.

As the party was just about to leave for a sleepover at her house in Taung, one of her friends suggested they use her friends’ car instead of a cab, and the dentist rode with her in his two-seater car. The 23-year-old says when she arrived with the dentist, he asked for a thank-you kiss, which she refused.

“He forcefully leaned over to kiss me and my attempts to open the door were in vain since he had locked the car,” she says. The complainant says he suddenly opened a condom that he picked from ‘somewhere’ and in a flash, jumped over to her seat and removed her black stockings and raped her.

“Everything happened so fast that I was in a total panic mode and blacked out,” she says. Upon regaining consciousness, her friends were banging the car, shouting her name but the 39-year-old dentist continued raping her. She also realised she was bloodstained.

After heavy screaming from her friends telling him to stop, he then zipped his pants and drove off. However, one of the friends took down his car’s registration number. After filing a case with the police, the man was tracked down after a week.

The family suspects foul play in the case.

The woman says one of the CID officers asked her to forgive the man because “banna ba dira diphoso,” intimating that she should withdraw the case. Actually, the family points a finger at the DPP for delaying the case.

She said it was only after their investigations that the family got to know that the accused is the son of a very senior member of cabinet. “From all the meetings, it has been appearing as if I am now the accused rather than being a complainant and a key state witness. The police are negligent and displaying uncooperative attitude,” she said.

The trial was postponed from November last year to this August at the Broadhurst magistrate court. The accused refused to comment yesterday. However, a charge sheet which this paper is in possession of, states that he faces a single count of rape.