Some Dikgosi to Blame for Land Corruption

There are instances where dikgosi cannot be entirely exonerated from issues of land corruption, says the Minister of Lands and Housing Mr Prince Maele.

Minister Maele, who was addressing a kgotla meeting in Gabane recently, admitted corruption incidents in his ministry, but said some dikgosi also played a part.

He said some dikgosi, especially under the Mogoditshane Sub-land Board, had a tendency of writing letters in support of false claimants.

Mr Maele said there were instances where the land board acted on the advice of bogosi and he regretted that some dikgosi deliberately misled the land boards. In addition, he said there were other leaders in the village who used their financial influence to corrupt land board officials.

Hence, he noted that corruption at the land board could not be dealt away without assistance of the community.

On other issues, Minister Maele told residents that the ministry was reviewing its land compensation guidelines.

He said under the current guidelines, there were no provisions that allowed the land board to give land as a means of compensation. He said this was contrary to what people wanted, as some preferred to be compensated with land as opposed to cash.

Kgosi Seeletso Pule decried shortage of land in the area.

He said the Village Development Community and the village trust required land to carry development projects, but this was not happening due to shortage of land. Kgosi Pule said

Mogoditshane Sub-land Board did not have the capacity to service a huge population, and requested the minister to consider staffing the land authority.

The area Member of Parliament who was also in attendance Major Gen Pius Mokgware called on the land board to attend to the villagers’ complaints.

In addition, he noted that his constituents were willing to give the sub-land board their land on conditions that they will be allocated plots.

Hence, he commended the minister for instituting the review that included land as another factor of compensation in the guidelines

During comment, residents decried delay in land allocation, failure to be issued with certificate and perceived corruption incidents among others.