Sorilatholo Kgosi to Start Work Soon

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The Assistant Minister of Local Government and Rural Development, Ms Botlogile Tshireletso, has assured Sorilatholo residents in Letlhakeng Sub-district that their new kgosi will resume work early next year.

Speaking during a kgotla meeting at the village on November 26, Ms Tshireletso said the name of the person earmarked to assume the post after the death of Kgosi Matsala Badiseng in June this year was submitted to Kgosi Kgari Sechele III in October.

After satisfying himself that the person was fit to assume the chieftainship, Kgosi Kgari would then forward the name to the Minister of Local Government and Rural Development, she said.

Ms Tshireletso said the approval of the name took time as it was during the busy month of October when civil servants were fully engaged in the preparations for the general elections.

She said in the absence of a kgotla vehicle which was long boarded, Sorilatholo should be assisted by Khudumelapye as well as by another vehicle which serves all the remote area villages in the sub district.

On the issue of the tarring of Sorilatholo-Khudumelapye road, Ms Tshireletso said the road was not included in the National Development Plan 10, but assured them that it would be dry graded twice a month to make it more traversable.

Ms Tshireletso said cabinet is also concerned about the slow drive of poverty eradication programmes, especially when it comes to areas of assessment, training and issuing of equipment to beneficiaries.

She said they would soon meet with the senior council management to discuss the cause and map the way forward. She however said there should be no excuse for delay on projects that do not require any intensive training such as tent hire.

Ms Tshireletso also urged the council and the Department of Animal Production to assist beneficiaries of small stock projects to procure their stock. She implored beneficiaries, especially those who had been given cattle under the affirmative action to change their mind-set and take the responsibility of caring for their animals.

She aised that they should see the assistance from government as a springboard to better their lives, and said it was disheartening that some beneficiaries sell all their cattle as soon as they are given to them, which leads to the failure of the initiative.

The assistant minister also aised the office of the District Commissioner as well as the Council Secretary to visit Sorilatholo to address challenges in the area in depth.

Ms Tshireletso’s kgotla meeting was meant to address issues that were raised during President Seretse Khama Ian Khama’s kgotla meeting in the same village a few weeks back.

She was also responding to the Village Development Committee chairperson, Mr Thatayaone Tubisane, who had complained of lack of support from government after giving beneficiaries cattle under the affirmative action programme.

Mr Tubisane had also suggested that people should be assisted in procuring small stock as they cannot manage by themselves because of lack of such in their area.

He said because many people in the area had shown interest in small stock projects, this resulted in depletion of such in their area, which now poses a challenge of transport to source them further afield.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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