| June 28, 2016

Transnet Engineering, a unit of Transnet SOC, a railways, ports and pipeline company majority owned by the South African government, says it has completed a train manufacturing project worth more than 250 million Rand (about 16.4 million US dollars) which it entered into with Botswana Railways in 2014.

The multi-million deal was concluded on Monday, with the handing over of passenger coaches which were manufactured in South Africa.

The 15 luxury coaches are the second and final batch which will be making their way to Botswana as part of the multi-million rand deal between Transnet Engineering and Botswana Railways. The first batch of 22 coaches were rolled out in March.

Botswana is now looking at creating future projects with Transnet. The Director for Operations and Engineering at Botswana Railway, Justice Ramontsho, said at Monday's handing over ceremony: "This is not the first project with Transnet. We recently bought 500 (coaches) ... so we will keep on working with Transnet."

Transnet was given a six-month deadline to complete the project and the first batch of 22 coaches delivered in March have already covered 12,000 kilometres in Botswana.

Source: Nam News Network

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