Sowa Has Tourism Potential

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The acting Sowa town clerk, Ms Ogaufi Molelo says the town has potential to become a tourism destination.

Welcoming the specially elected councillors at the mayor and deputy mayor elections on December 8, Ms Molelo said the town had potential to become an industrial hub, noting that many people did not know much about Sowa, except that it was a salt mining town.

She said such perception needed to be dealt with so that people could know more about the town as there were many products, which were produced at the mine apart from the salt.

Ms Molelo appealed to the new civic leadership of the town to engage and consult with the mine leadership to learn more and get first-hand information, which they could use to attract investors and other people to relocate to the town.

She stated that the current population of Sowa was mostly made up of the public servants and mine employees. She noted that with such small population, businesses were not forthcoming in setting up in the place, hence their needs were compromised and many people did not want to be stationed there.

Ms Molelo thus challenged the new leadership to come up with strategies, which would attract businesses to the place, more so that the town itself was located in Makgadikgadi Pans, which tourists would want to see and see how the salts were being prepared to finished products.

She further implored them to be the mouth piece of their town by ensuring that at every forum they attended, they market it to the best of their ability so that during the end of their term, a change in terms of development could be visible.

The deputy District Commissioner (DC) for Sowa Mr Mokgethi Nfila said the town has been in existence for the past 23 years but to date, there was nothing which made it to stand out as a mining town.

Comparing it to other mining towns, Mr Nfila asserted that Sowa was far behind in terms of developments and unless something was done to revive it, it would go a long way without being recognised as a place, which has something to offer.

Mr Nfila assured them that together with both central and local government employees, they would afford them the necessary support they needed to offer. He said they aim was to create a working relationship, which would earn them praise from other local authorities.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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