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The Minister of Education and Skills Development, Unity Dow has called on parents to allow their children to participate in sports as they have health benefits.

Officially opening the BISA Ball Games at the UB Stadium on Saturday, July 11 the minister said sports call for discipline as participants have to follow and obey rules.

This, she said, develops a good person as children grow up knowing that rules were meant to be obeyed.

Dow further said sports require teamwork and that children grow up with this hence were able to take it into their personal lives.

She said sports present an opportunity for personal discovery as children were able to know their strengths and weaknesses.

Minister Dow also said sports promote healthy competition and personal health.

She said there was concern that today’s youths face obesity and other health risks as they were not involved in sporting activities.

Through sports, children develop leadership skills and have become ambassadors of their communities. She further said sports provide an alternative to mischief as children were kept busy. Dow also said sport was fun.

She said young talent that would represent Botswana in future international activities would be unearthed during the games.

For his part, the Minister of Youth, Sport and Culture, Thapelo Olopeng commended teachers, saying despite challenges such as the issue of overtime allowance, they continue to participate in sporting activities as volunteers.

The minister said it was in that regard that next year they would hold the Sports Teachers Awards.

He said his ministry and that of education and skills development were partners in sport development.

Olopeng said while his ministry wants to develop sporting facilities throughout the country, they were faced with shortage of land hence they were willing to partner with institutions such as schools.

The minister also said the government was in the process of establishing a second television channel so as to be able to show more live sports games.

Source : BOPA