Statistics help in policy formulation

National accounts and price statistics are critical for evidence based policy decision making, development and implementation of programmes as well as monitoring and evaluation of economic, fiscal, monetary and other policy interventions.

Speaking at the national accounts and prices workshop, deputy statistician general of Statistics Botswana, Dr Burton Mguni said as a producer of these macro-economic indicators, Statistics Botswana has an interest to maximise their utilisation through timely release and wide dissemination using various platforms.

The objective of the workshop was to share with stakeholders information on the processes involved in the compilation of national accounts and price statistics, data sources, availability of these statistics and their limitations.

Dr Mguni said it was also important that there be an understanding and use of these indicators by the government, researchers and other stakeholders.

“It is also our hope that you as our stakeholders will give guidance towards increasing customer satisfaction, be it in our production approaches, needed expansion of coverage or enhancement of use and understanding of these indicators,” said Dr Mguni.

Dr Mguni noted that production of statistics was costly, and that lack of resources often have an impact on making progress on the development of statistics.

Meanwhile, presenting on Enhanced Data Dissemination System (e-GDDS), the manager of National Statistics System (NSS) and external relations, Ms Koontse Mokgwathi praised Botswana for being the first country to implement the e-GDDS recommendations amongst 112 countries.

Ms Mokgwathi said all the countries that participated in the General Data Dissemination System (GDDS) automatically participate in the e-GDDS.

She said Botswana conform to e-GDDS standards as required by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and urged all indicators to ensure timely dissemination of information and access to it.