Storm Hits Several Villages

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Several villages under Palapye Administration Authority have experienced damages after heavy rains hit the areas recently.

Assistant District Commissioner for Palapye, Ms Veronica Rabakane, informed disaster committee meeting on Thursday November 6 that an administration block comprising staff room, storeroom and school head’s office was struck by lightning and burnt down. She said no casualties were reported.

She informed the meeting that the community also incurred some damages as one Tshokolo Monyamu had 32 goats killed by lightning, whilst others lost beasts and donkeys. Furthermore, she said about 42 households in the villages of Maunatlala, Gootau and Manaledi had been affected.

She said her office which had been given the responsibility to assist disaster victims issued tents and food baskets to some of the affected families. She further said most of the affected households’ corrugated iron sheets had been blown away by gusty winds. Assessment in Gootau is still ongoing.

She implored the committee to be always on the alert and ready to help disaster victims including on weekends. She said the rainy season had started as such a disaster was highly anticipated.

She said this called for the district extension team (DET), village extension teams and the community to join hands to help their respective communities during disaster. For his part, assistant council secretary for PAA, Mr Koti Molefi said there is need for DET to conduct public education in the villages regarding disaster.

He said the community should be made aware that disasters can affect anyone therefore should lend a helping hand during this difficult time particularly pitching of tents and transportation. He said councilors or Dikgosi should assist with transportation in the event of a disaster.

For her part, Palapye District Health Management Team (DHMT), Ms Tsekane Chikunyane said Palapye is prone to malaria even though it had not been declared a malaria zone.

She said health officials continue to hold health talks in health facilities to raise malaria awareness and other ailments such as diarrhea which can be triggered by drinking polluted water.

She said however that malaria season begins in April up to May, adding that Palapye DHMT will run trainings for nurses in December on malaria case management.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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