Stray Livestock a Concern

| January 27, 2015

Serowe Administration Authority (SAA) official has warned farmers whose livestock roam the streets of Serowe that punitive action will be taken against them if they do not act swiftly to remove them from the village.

Speaking during Member of Parliament for Serowe North constituency kgotla meeting at Ditharapa Ward, SAA senior assistant council secretary Mr Odirile Mabaila called on farmers to clear Serowe of livestock since the place is declared a livestock free area and failure to do so could attract penalties.

A drive around the village to ascertain the veracity of Mr Mabaila’s claims that Serowe was infested with livestock vindicated the SAA official. Some livestock, especially cattle were even spotted around shopping malls and besides the roads which poses danger to motorists.

On other issues the senior assistant council secretary appealed to the residents of Serowe to desist from dumping hazardous waste on ungazetted spots arguing the move poses danger to human life.

As a remedy Mr Mabaila encouraged residents to report perpetrators to the council so that they could be fined P1 000 for improper disposal of hazardous waste. Allegedly stray dogs would drag the hazardous waste around the village and leave behind a filthy and uninhabitable environment.

Residents vehemently raised concern about disposable pampers that are not disposed correctly. Those opposed to the idea of disposable pampers even called for their stoppage saying it could benefit the environment.

For his part, Ramokgatla village development committee (VDC) chairperson Mr Mothoagae Mothoagae called for reform in the elections for VDC members.

Speaking recently at Botalaote Ward, he suggested that VDC elections must be based on merit contrary to the current system where anybody can just be elected. “Eseng mo gotweng re tlhopha rre yole wa hempe e tshweu,”

he said emphasizing the haphazard way of electing VDC members.

Subsequently, he opined that VDCs should be empowered beyond the current mandate so that they could execute some functions without fear.

The Ramokgata VDC chairperson encouraged active young people to find employment than relying on Ipelegeng at the expense of the adults, he said before sending them to seek education and job opportunities elsewhere since they have proven to be lazy.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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