Street Vendor’s Licence Crucial

| January 16, 2015

Residents of Monarch ward in Francistown West constituency have been encouraged to apply for street vendor’s license to improve their standard of living.

One of the residents, Mr Leano Moses supported the idea and said selling of sweets would bring a change to someone’s life.

Mr Moses said having a street vendor’s license was a proper way to run their own business without interferes from any one, including the Francistown City Council (FCC) bye-law office.

He said that in a series of kgotla meetings addressed by the area MP, Mr Ignatius Moswaane on Wednesday at Monarch. Also, Mr Moses urged the residents to be united to develop the community of Monarch.

On other issues, he requested for a hospital that would have orthopedics, optometrists and also pediatrics, and let Nyangabwe Referral Hospital do its own job.

Mr Moses also requested one of their clinics to be upgraded and operate a 24-hour of service.

Another resident, Ms Keletso Dambe appealed to the Department of Environmental Health to inspect some of the Monarch tuck shops because some of their cooking pots were not in good conditions. Furthermore, she urged the MP to buy them a vehicle that would be used to carry out the duties of Monarch Federation in and outside Francistown.

Meanwhile, Ms Kebonye Tsietso came up with a suggestion to the residents that they should clean up their graveyard.

Ms Maijo Bagai of Monarch South also raised a concern of unpaid Ipelegeng employees since last month and suggested that they should be paid immediately after they finish work or two days after.

For her part, Councillor Baboni Mosalagae of Monarch Ward appreciated the MP’s visit and urged him to always visit them.

Cllr Mosalagae thanked the school heads for their effort in educating their children and also urged them to improve on their payments records updates.

Furthermore, she urged parents to pay school fees for the sake of the child because their lives are based on education. She complained about high crime, which she said was exacerbated by the parents by hiding their children in their houses when police are looking for them.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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