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| September 1, 2015

It is important for all stakeholders to take part in coming up with measures and platforms that will provide necessary support for young people at a tender age.

Speaking during donation of blankets to boarding Goshwe Junior Secondary School students recently, Minister of Labour and Home Affairs, Mr Edwin Batshu said it is imperative for students to be custodians of their education looking at the fact that after finishing school, they will be on their own without their teachers.

Minister Batshu said one may wonder why he donated blankets for the borders only, noting that what encouraged him to display that gesture of compassion towards them was that those children stay away from their parents, hence the need to be given special attention that would motivate them to improve their academic work.

Mr Batshu said everyone is responsible for their future, telling students that they are still young to engage in some immoral conduct that would disrupt their education.

The minister, who is also the MP for Nkange said the students should listen to their teachers and utilise what they offer for the best of their future. He said that he would like to see some students from Goshwe among top achievers since they have accountable leaders who care about them.

Furthermore, he reminded them that they are the leaders of tomorrow, hence they should take their education seriously so as to be responsible citizens.He said government is trying by all means to improve the educational structures that would yield better outcomes.

Mr Batshu said that he is concerned by teenage pregnancy countrywide, noting that statistics showed that this year, the country experienced almost 100 pregnancies of young people between the ages of 10 and 11 years.

He said these numbers are alarming since pregnancies in young people always comes with side effects that include death and bodily defects because the body would be not strong enough to carry that weight and even have difficulties during delivery.

Minister Batshu said students should know that being sexually active exposes them to incurable diseases such as HIV /AIDS, something that has negatively affected government coffers in order to curb it. He said their mentors will continue to give them support and offer necessary assistance for them to excel.

For his part, the school head, Mr Dichaba Keaketswe pointed out that leaders of Mr Batshu’s calibre should be appreciated and acknowledged since they are playing an important role in nurturing young people.

He assured the minister of satisfying results since his students have the spirit of botho, something that makes it easier for the school management to work with them and that they do not have any drop outs because of pregnancy.

Mr Keaketswe decried shortage of mattresses for the boarders, saying the ones they are using are worn out and in need of replacement. He requested the Minister to look at the matter and find ways of assisting the boarding students.

The vice president of the School Representative Council Kushatha James, who is a Form 3 student, thanked the minister for taking care of their welfare.

She also encouraged her school mates to take heed of the minister’s word of encouragement for them to excel in their academic work. Minister Batshu donated 225 blankets to boarding students and 12 to the school management team that was available during the presentation.

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