Swaneng Heeds Call

As part of their social responsibility and to ensure the realisation of Vision 2016 pillar of a Compassionate, Just and Caring nation, Swaneng Hill School in Serowe have resolved to build a two and half roomed house for one of their former needy student.

The school community has ventured into a number of fundraising activities, such as a sponsored litter picking exercise.

The chief walker, Mr Mpho Keoreme said the project was part of President Lt Gen. Seretse Khama Ian Khama’s Housing Appeal initiative to assist the less privileged in society.

Mr Keoreme said such a project would dignify the beneficiary, particularly that “dignity is very important in the lives of people.”

He noted that litter picking and maintaining a clean environment was very important in order to achieve a healthy nation all in the name of Vision 2016.

Mr Keoreme emphasised the significance of collaboration between the school and the community, adding that it was of utmost importance that the school works hand in hand with the community towards developing the future leaders of tomorrow. He suggested that in future the organisers should involve other stakeholders like the Green scorpion as they also pursue the same mandate.

Parents and the rest of the community, he added should also be made part of the exercise.

He also pledged a beast towards the shelter project and availed himself to the school should they need any form of help.

For her part, the school head Ms Gabalape Autlwetse said “they want to change the status of an individual living in the community and show them that there is hope for the future.”

Source : BOPA