Taekwondo expert to drill athletes

The headquarters of the World Taekwondo federation in Kukkiwon have deployed Grand Master Hyo Joo Lee to Botswana Taekwondo Federation(BTF) for a period of 10 years.

When introducing Grand Master Lee to the media fraternity, BTF president Vinay Naicker pointed out that in keeping with the Botswana National Sports Commission (BNSC) vision 2028, BTF has initiated the vision of bringing the sport to Batswana.

“Our objective is to make taekwondo accessible to every person by providing exposure and training to as many areas and individuals as possible,” said Naicker.

He said Master Lee will be of a great asset to taekwondo family and the BNSC as he has trained students for the Olympics as well as for the World Champions.

He described Lee as a great achiever in developing athletes, since his athletes obtained 157 medals and this forms part of his teaching and guidance on global platform.

Adding to his achievements, Naicker said Lee’s teams qualified to be in the Sydney/Athens and London Olympic games having attained a silver and bronze medals at these games.

“The delegation met with BNSC and BNOC coupled with inspections of clubs and training facilities Botswana was chosen to receive a grand master out of 30 countries that applied,” said Naicker.

He explained that there are only nine grand masters sent to different countries, Botswana being one of the most fortunate to receive one. At the end of his stay, Lee will train one individual to a grand master level.

Naicker also said Lee was engaged in a 15 year development programme in Turkey which was successful now moving to Botswana to venture into a new challenge.

He further said in 2012 Lee ensured four weight categories had qualified to compete in the Olympics games.

“We are positive that Botswana team will add to these achievements,” commented Naicker.

Naicker appreciated the good work already covered by Coach Gladys, whom he said has led to developing the national team as well as with the sport development.

He praised her and the executive team who managed to start a national team for the 2014 youth games, a team that started with zero skills.

He also recognised the role of strategic Peace Corp which is an affiliate of Kukkiwon, for Jeong Seungho who have volunteered his service for six months. Seungho will assist teams and developmental programmes during his stay in Botswana.

For his part the chairperson of BNSC Solly Reikeletseng said there is need to help BTF to deliver on its mandate, since the sport is relatively new in Botswana and still finding its way.

Reikeletseng pointed out the need to make use of international resources, stating that it is the only way to succeed in sports to make use of resources of who are professionals, who are familiar and have experience with the sport.

He further said securing the grand master cannot be overlooked as he brings with him a vast of experience with regard to taekwondo. He said BNSC will make sure they support the grand master in every possible to make his job easy to make sure when he leaves then taekwondo have positive results to show.

“One of the things that kills our sport is politics, as a young code stay away from politics and do your prescribed job” advised Reikeletseng. He advised the taekwondo family not to engage in politics because it will divide them.

He also said they should be a system to follow and refrain from trying rush everything , adding that some will try to lead away and expect to achieve to be grand masters overnight while it takes a process to do so. However advised athletes to stay away from such behaviour.

However he advised they should just leave politics to those who are into it, but work together because mixing such will only kill the good intention taekwondo is trying to do.

He noted that some people might come with bad intentions but advised the president to be focused to protect the goodwill by taekwondo.