Tertiary Education Fair to Address Skills Mismatch

| February 25, 2014

In its quest to address the problem of skills mismatch, the Botswana Tertiary Education Fair (BTEF) will once again give secondary school leavers a platform to learn more about career paths.

The chief executive officer of the Human Resource Development Council (HRDC), Dr Patrick Molutsi said the fair would bring on board students around the country through road shows which are scheduled to begin tomorrow until 5 March.

He said the tertiary education fair would run from March 26 – 29. He added that the third tertiary education conference would be from March 24 – 25.

He said this was meant to give employers of tertiary graduates and training institutions the opportunity to dialogue on issues of curriculum relevance, quality, student attachments, sponsorship and possible collaboration.

Dr Molutsi noted that in 2009 the government approved a strategy that intends to reconcile demand and supply of human resource.He said through the strategy, human resource development committees have been put in place to bring together training institutions, employers, government regulatory bodies such as the Botswana Qualifications Authority and HRDC.

He said four sector committees have already been established in mining, mineral, energy and water resources, tourism, creative industries and agriculture.”It is these committees that are telling us what their skills requirements are in terms of the labour market,” he said.

He said the fair was relevant in that it would guide students and give them information that comes from some of the analysis made by different sector committees in terms of skills requirements.

He said the human resource council continues to be a vehicle that would be used to get information from the labour market and pass it on to training institutions and the learners so that they could respond to the demands of the labour market.

“In that way, we will be able to reduce the gap between demand and supply or skills mismatch,” he said.He said a culmination of the processes was taking place at sector levels, and that it was an educative event for leaners, parents and institutions.

Dr Molutsi noted that institutions were at the forefront of activities of the fair. Tertiary institutions would market and showcase their programme offerings at the fair. Ends

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