Testing Together Reduces Risks

| January 8, 2015

Couples who test for HIVAIDS together develop a joint risk reduction plan to positively support each other throughout, says an official of Tebelopele Voluntary Counselling and Testing Centre in Tsabong.

In an interview in Tsabong recently, Mr Itumeleng Molaakgosi said Tebelopele recognised as couples, both married and unmarried people in a relationship. He said that they could be dating, engaged, married and cohabiting.

He said it was important for people who were in a relationship, whether sexual or pre-sexual, to attend HIV counselling and testing as a couple so that they give each other moral support.

Mr Molaakgosi also said the exercise created an environment in which each partner would be relieved from the anxieties of not knowing each other’s HIV status.

“Attending HIV counselling and testing together as a couple automatically means that the couple will not have the burden of partner notification as results will be shared within the counselling room. It is always a wise health choice to test together as a couple because in most cases HIV positive partners who test alone usually do not disclose their status to their partners hence exposing them to contracting the virus,” he explained.

He further said that it was easier for the couple to access post-test clinical services sooner and also promoted positive living.

“Partners that find out that they are both positive will be able to receive education, counselling and skills that will enable them to stay together, support each other, cope with their status and live positively with HIV,” he said

“Also if one partner is infected with HIV and another one is not infected, the negative partner can be assisted from not getting infected and the HIV positive partner as well could be supported to cope with the status and live positively with HIV,” he added.

Mr Molaakgosi aised couples to adopt methods that would help them prevent infection in case the other partner was HIV negative.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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