The New OLI Systems platform V10 boosts operational efficiency, reliability and compliance with actionable insights

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Unique innovations tackle complex industrial water chemistry-based process modeling challenges

CEDAR KNOLLS, New Jersey, Sept. 10, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — The new OLI Platform V10 enhances process design, operations performance, regulatory compliance and modeling productivity.

Upstream oil & gas

New calcite, barite parameters for HPHT environments enable accurate scale prediction up to extreme temperatures and pressures. Iron carbonate chemistry enhancements produce a more accurate representation of scaling and corrosion risk. New and enhanced library of CRAs enhance material selection. Autoclave recipes can now be designed to match field conditions more accurately.

Downstream oil & gas

Simulation of ammonia desulfurization has been significantly enhanced to comply with regulatory requirements.  New selenium chemistry in all valence states will allow more complete simulation of the desalter wash water in crude distillation units.

Industrial water treatment

The ability to accurately predict humic substances along with the new selenium chemistry enables effective elimination of toxic contaminants. Ammonia and sulfur dioxide improvements for flue gas desulfurization bring accuracy to flue gas treatment including sour water stripping.

Lithium and Rare Earth Elements Mining

New lithium, cobalt chemistries predict phase behavior more accurately to enhance design of lithium salt extraction, battery production and recycling.  The new rare earth fluoride chemistry in aqueous environments and various classes of anhydrous solids enables the accurate design of extraction and separation processes.

Other Capabilities

New uranium fluoride and iron fluoride chemistries enhance accuracy of nuclear fuel production and waste processing simulations. Aluminum fluoride chemistry update enhances the accuracy for metallurgical simulations.

Software Capabilities

The new ionic input feature makes water analysis in OLI Flowsheet: ESP easier and more robust.  The virtual stream support increases user productivity. The option to automate calculation of hardness, TDS and pH at 25°C and 1 atm saves time. OLI Studio has better configuration with first-run setup capability (also available in OLI Flowsheet: ESP) along with hardness, TDS and corrosion updates.

The OLI platform V10 will be available in late October 2019. Click here to learn more.

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OLI Systems  is an established global leader in delivering comprehensive, process modeling solutions for water chemistry based industrial applications that enhance engineering productivity, operational efficiency and sustainability while mitigating risk. OLI Systems delivers the most rigorous and accurate process modeling and simulation insights and intelligence with its extensive chemistry property database, differentiated thermodynamic and kinetic models and proven software platforms”.