Tlhabiwe Urges Workers to Embrace Healthy Lifestyles

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The increase in non-communicable diseases worldwide brought about largely by lifestyle choices is a concern, which puts a strain on the limited health resources.

Acting principal economic geologist at Geological Surveys in Lobatse, Mr Karabo Tlhabiwe, urged employees to embrace healthy lifestyle choices for the success of their organisations and reduce health care costs.

Speaking during the Lobatse High Court wellness day on December 12, Mr Tlhabiwe said diseases such as obesity, high blood pressure and to some extent diabetes could be prevented by simply making good lifestyle choices.

He said healthy lifestyle choices included every facet of people’s lives being physical, emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual. Mr Tlhabiwe urged employees to resort to walking, or other physical activities combined with a good diet that would foster healthier living and a more productive nation.

In addition, he said people should ensure that they include traditional foods in their daily diets as they were healthier than processed foods. He implored organisations to adopt wellness programmes as it seeks to improve the well-being of employees, as they spend most of their productive time at the workplace, a prime venue for healthy living and life style.

“If organisations could embrace employees’ wellness they will reap the benefits of wellness activities, which include enhanced recruitment and retention of a healthy workforce that reduce health care costs arising from lifestyle choices,” he said.

In her welcome remarks, Judge Mercy Gaarekwe urged employees to maintain a healthy lifestyle by remaining committed and involved in serious behavioural change that seeks to engage employees in physical activities for purposes of exercising to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

The wellness day was celebrated under the theme “Healthy Lifestyle, Foundation for Organisational Success.”

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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