Toss to decide hawkers fate

The chairperson of the local organising committee for the Zebras versus Mali game, Eatametse Olopeng says hawkers will be allowed through a toss to sell their goods during the Saturday game (November 14) billed for the new Francistown Sports Complex.

Speaking in an interview on Tuesday November 10, Olopeng said they have agreed to hold a toss with interested hawkers to select those who will be allowed to sell at the stadium during the Zebras game.

“Those who are successful at bidding for kiosk at the stadium will pay P200 for the entire game, and a further 30 hawkers only will be allowed to sell outside the stadium fence at a fee of P100.

Unfortunately we will not be allowing the sale of alcohol during the game,” he said.

Olopeng further revealed that they have had positive reports from hawkers who have affirmed making huge profits from their sales.

On issues of traffic congestion, he said as the organising committee, they have learned a lot from previous games and would be applying that in the coming game to ease traffic congestion.

For the last game, he said, traffic congestion was caused by lack of signs displayed on the A3 and for the upcoming Zebras game, he said they have engaged the roads department together with the city council to put road signs advising people where and where not to park their vehicles.

He noted that a diversion has been done by the way-bridge linking the stadium road coming from Monarch location and the A3 road.

“The road between Tati Primary School fence to the right and the stadium will be closed come Saturday so as to regulate the congestion of traffic coming from that side.

A heap of sand is being put there to stop any vehicle from accessing that road,” he noted.

He said they had a problem during the Botswana-Burkina Faso game when the two team buses, officials and VIP vehicles were blocked by traffic on their way out of the stadium due to huge traffic.

Olopeng said they have now arranged that team buses, officials and VIPs will make their way out of the stadium through the south gate into A3.

He further advised motorists to park inside the stadium so that their vehicles can be given better security, noting that they had a situation whereby people parked their cars as far as Monarch, which, he said was far off from their security eyes.

The stadium, he said, would be open at 10am to remedy traffic congestion.

“We advise passengers to also stay clear of the roads after the game as that too contributes to traffic congestions. Walking clear of roads by pedestrians allows us to be able to work swiftly when there are emergencies, particularly when ambulances and fire trucks have to rush to the stadium,” he said.

He said ticket sales in Francistown stood at more than 5 600.

Parents, he said, should buy tickets for children too as they do not want a situation where children who have not paid occupied seats whilst people who have paid would be lacking seats.