Trade union launches productivity book

The ongoing trade union seminar in Gaborone has released a productivity book for employers and employees.

Speaking at the launch of the book entitled: Productivity Improvement and the Role of Trade Unions in Gaborone on Tuesday, one of its editors, Mr Paliani Chinguwo, said the book was user friendly and had a detailed manual.

Mr Chinguwo said the book elaborated on productivity in the workplace in international labour standards and further brought insights on productivity in competitive world of work and further promotes a health working environment.

He said though there were some concepts of Japanese models of productivity in it, the book gave much emphasises on the African concept on productivity to relate with both the employer and the worker on an easy mode, particularly looking at the work environment and prevailing circumstances at the moment.

Another author, Dr Mohammed Mwamadzingo, who is currently the Regional Desk Officer for Africa with the Bureau for Workers’ Activities of the International Labour Organisation (ILO/ACTRAV) Switzerland, said it took 18 years to produce the book. The actual writing of the book started in 2012 after a lengthy period of collecting research material from many countries especially in Africa.

However, Dr Mwamadzingo, said the book was rich in labour education material and should be widely used.

While launching the book, the executive secretary of SATUCC, Mr Austin Muneku said it was a welcome development for the amalgamated unions for having taken time to write something about productivity at the workplace especially in the African context.

He said the concept of productivity should be in two dimensions and not only come from the workers’ side as it also entailed involvement of the employer.

He, however, said corporate greed for huge profit at the expense of workers was negatively contributing to reduced productivity among workers more so that they do not earn a decent salary.