Transport Registers Over 430 000 Imported Cars

| April 6, 2016

By Bopa

Gaborone - The Ministry of Transport and Communications, through the Department of Roads, Transport and Safety, has registered 430 824 second hand imported cars since 1995 to date.

The Minister of Transport and Communications, Mr Tshenolo Mabeo said the vehicles had significantly improved the lives of Batswana, especially small medium entrepreneurs, who had managed to buy them to run their businesses as they could not afford new vehicles.

"Some Batswana use them to advance in their daily chores such as manning their farms and commuting to work. To date almost every household has a car," noted Mr Mabeo.

He, however, said this has now resulted in congestion on the roads which contributed to accidents and emissions which negatively affect the environment.

The minister also said the ministry was amending the Road Traffic Act to facilitate among others the control of influx of second hand cars in Botswana.

Gaborone South MP, Mr Haskins Nkaigwa had wanted to know how many second hand imported cars were brought into the country since they were introduced, and whether the government was happy with the cars.

He had also asked if there were any plans to come up with a policy that would regulate the import of such vehicles into the country.

Source: All Africa

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